Marv's Big Fatty Chart / Same On Back
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The Michigan Stinger Pro Chip 8" has a kicker fin on the back to provide erratic rotation. The Michigan Stinger Hot Chip 11" operates very similar to metal dodgers creating a back and forth action which allows the bait or lure to move side to side. Minimum drag when a fish is hooked. Can be trolled as slow as 1 MPH with great action. Great for dipsies, downriggers or drop releases. Great for artic char, dolly varden, mackinaw, salmon, steelhead, trout and walleye.

The EChip is the world's first microchip for bait. Invented in the greater Silicon Valley, it replicates the voltage discharged by the nervous system of live bait. Electro-Location is the primary method fish use to determine what & where to strike. The EChip mounted in lures and bait is scientifically & practically proven to attract MORE FISH and BIGGER FISH.

Scientists Confirm that Fish use 5 Sensory Systems to Feed

Sight - fish have good eyesight but don't see well in poor conditions or at close range. Cloudy water, dirty water and deep dark water inhibit sight.

Smell - Important for some fish but scent trails are narrow and inaccurate for catching prey.

Sound - Sounds travels fast in water but it is very inaccurate for predators at close range.

Vibration - Critical for general attraction to a region but it is also inaccurate at close range.

Electro Sensitivity - Critical for triggering strikes and enabling fish to exactly locate and strike their prey.


1. Attracts Bigger Fish
2. Triggers More Strikes
3. Ensures Accurate Strikes

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Marv's Big Fatty Chart / Same On Back

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